New Music Alert: “Running for you” by Ruben Young

“Running for you” by Ruben Young

Talented Canadian Supernova of talent Ruben Young continues to mesmerize all who have a chance at listening to his music and the magic of his voice. His second single “Running from You” is perfection in all it’s aspects, it embraces the soulful pop/r&b world in which he resides and it is without a doubt a hit. He showcases a care for every single part of the song and he makes it shine as bright as the sun, it is a track that raises its hand in any crowded room and owns it.

He takes us for a ride down a road we have all been careless enough to tread by, he understand our pain and wishes and embraces us as brothers in arms who have fallen for the one. Not the one to love, but the one to fool us and let us down every time. It is that same one we have to meet before opening our eyes and understanding the difference between love and desire. And he showcases this beautifully through a hypnotizing soundscape that as I said before, it’s just perfection. Bravo Ruben, you my friend are a rising star and we are thankful to be able to listen to your creations. So enjoy the marvel of “Running for you”.

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