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New Music Alert: “Faith” by Haides ft Adam James

Faith is about the emotions that come with a deteriorating relationship. The production process was quite simple because I knew I wanted to create dynamics between verse and chorus that reflected the theme. Working with Adam was very easy, even though we were in different parts of the world at the time. He got the vibe straight away and sent over exactly what I wanted and after a little back and forth discussing ideas, we had created ‘Faith’.Callum Garvey aka Haides

“Faith” by Haides ft Adam James

Haides lays down the musical arrangement of your dreams and the talented Adam James provides the vocals to make this track one of the best finds of the year so far. “Faith” is beautiful and utterly mesmerizing – the track unites EDM, pop and that magical unknown that I am always searching for in music. Plus the artistry and the unique approach in the visuals and in how the verses unfold make it a refreshing showcase of two talented artists who can take the world by storm in any minute. They embrace every aspect of their craft, ensuring that the music, voice and lyrics don’t have weaknesses that could crack the potential that lies here. Have some faith for the indie music scene has bright talents like these two to keep hypnotizing music lovers across the globe. Enjoy!

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