Listen: “Selfish” by Casey Marchek

“Selfish” by Casey Marchek

Talented up and coming Berklee College of Music Alum Casey Marchek delivers a debut for the ages. With “Selfish” he delivers pure honesty and what we all think, want and hope when situations get rough while in a relationship. Let’s be honest we love the good, but don’t want the bad and if we could we would forward to only the good moments. We secretly want something that flows with ease and it’s all rainbows and butterflies like in the movies or fairy tales. In reality love is a battlefield with moments of peace and moments of mayhem, we want all the good without the bad and that is just selfish and also just basic human wishful thinking. Casey understands this and does not sugarcoated, he expresses what we all want but know we can’t have just like he knows.

He shows us a talent made for the bigger venues, a talent nurtured and that will continue growing and maturing as times moves forward. With this one track he has set something unique in motion and now we play the waiting game as the release of his firs EP comes closer ( also titled Selfish). Enjoy! 

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