Listen: “Fascinating” by David Ryan Harris

“Fascinating” by David Ryan Harris

Enjoy the latest beautiful and romantic track by the talented David Ryan Harris, fall in love with “Fascinating” and the story that dwells in it. This track envisions that one feeling that is perfect in it’s imperfection, this track is love made melodies and verses and David is the guide for us through this gem. If you have ever looked at someone and just knew that the rest of your life would be meaningless without her/him to be at your side as you show the world the magic in you, then this track is perfect for what you need. It speaks of the little things, the mannerisms, the things that drive you crazy but above all it speaks about how all of that makes that person the most fascinating being in this world for you. This song is just beautiful in it’s honesty and how he has opened his heart to express his feelings and emotions along with ours. Enjoy!

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