[su_quote cite=”Alex Sheppard of Pageant Boys”]I would wake up at 8 in the morning and start the song and get the chord structure. And then at 10, he would wake up and I would show him what I had. I’d make breakfast, and then I’d show him the melody I wanted for the vocal line. He’d go down and start writing the lyrics, we’d eat breakfast, and he’d have the lyrics written after we got done with breakfast. At 1, I’d start recording the vocals. It was a good schedule.[/su_quote]

“Last Rites” by Pageant Boys

Take a look at the latest music video by the indie soul/r&b/pop mix of Pageant Boys and their mesmerizing indie gem “Last Rites”. It’s so easy to fall for Alex Sheppard’s voice that has a certain hypnotic feel about it and it just leads us into an almost celestial state. You are left speechless and in complete awe by the magic, truth and majestic unknown that is part of the track. It makes it so beautiful, so real and in a strange way we connect with it, we fall victims to their soundscape and there’s no going back. And honestly my friends, why would you want to go back? When we are now in the land of soulful pop and in front of music that has the potential to become everlasting. I say no going back, I am staying here and falling down the rabbit hole into their pseudo Alice in Wonderland world made up of their music. Enjoy!

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