New Music Alert: “Give me attention” by Radio Eliza

“Give me attention” by Radio Eliza

Dutch indie pop band Radio Eliza serve up their latest single “Give me Attention” and it is a must Listen. Through light touches of electronica that blend beautifully with the pop tunes, they assure us we are in for a once in a lifetime ride. The track is playful, fun and it simply has a way of making your body move to its rhythm and pace in all its glorious capacity. They have done it, they have created a track that makes us become fans (if you haven’t already) of the energy and talent that exudes from them each time they play a song. Plus let’s be honest, the track is relatable, refreshing and shows off a band with a bright future ahead. So if you haven’t already, make sure to follow this band all over the place because the venues will only get bigger for them. enjoy!

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