Listen: “Addictive Personalities” by Rees Finley

“Addictive Personalities” by Rees Finley

Talented Columbus, Ohio native Rees Finley arrives with his latest addictive, mesmerizing and hypnotizing single, listen to “Addictive Personalities” and fall in love with it as I have. There’s something so honest and real about the story that takes shape and form within the music, you know you’ve seen it, heard it or even lived it. Rees touches on a subject that allows feelings, emotions, addiction and a crush gone wrong to be seen in a clear light. Through lyrics that borrow from a personal experience, he opens up to us and we can’t help but understand and visualize the situation for addiction sadly revolves around us. Through a friend, family, a past lover or some stranger on the street … it’s always out there, simply waiting to jump on someone and create a bad situation. He invites us in and we are thankful for he though us worthy to hear it and see how something like that has created a music gem worthy to be heard over and over again. Enjoy the melody and take a look around you and see if anyone needs your helping hand.

I think addiction manifests in different ways for different people. I often felt the same urges compelling me to drink or get high would also tell me to eat an entire pizza or text a girl that I knew would only get me into trouble. I wrote this song after burning myself and part of my couch when I passed out with a joint in my hand. It was a particularly bad night that involved me texting somebody that I shouldn’t have then driving home drunk, ordering a whole pizza and eating it alone, and falling asleep while getting high. Ultimately I got pretty lucky and I think the whole thing kind of funny in a sad, pathetic sort of way.Rees Finley

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