Must Listen: Roo Panes

Roo Panes

Talented indie folk singer/songwriter Roo Panes evokes a sensibility and grounded feel that calms and soothes those that listen to his voice. He dwells in the world of folk but there’s something universal in the way his music unravels and that is unique and refreshing. He is one of those artists with the capacity to build bridges between music lovers no matter what your genre of preference is. And there’s something about his lyrics that showcase our world in a beautiful story that never ends and that unites us all. There are many paths taken within each of his soundscapes – each is a world, a story of human endeavor, romanticism and growth.  

And as soon as you get the pleasure of listening to one of his tracks you are hooked and you know there’s no turning back for you are now a fan of this supernova of talent that is this singer/songwriter from the UK. Keep your eyes open and your senses prepared for the world has barely seen the tip of the iceberg with him. Enjoy!

‘Cause when I see double

It’s your lullaby love that keeps me from trouble,

It’s your lullaby love that’s keeping me level,

It’s your lullaby love that keeps me away…

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