Listen: “Dreamcatcher” by Night Argent

“Dreamcatcher” by Night Argent

A battle cry heard aloud from across the landscape of the world and music, the talented indie rock band Night Argent deliver their mesmerizing and hypnotizing masterpiece aptly named “Dreamcatcher”. With this track that catches our attention and connects with the rebel inside of us, we are pushed to be more than what we are today. They scream loudly so that anyone can grasp the beauty and electricity of the soundscape of this song. The way it flows, allowing voice to show peace and energy and the instruments to compliment each other perfectly while also ensuring the verses are served as best possible is inspiring and refreshing. So put on your headphones and listen and just enjoy this gem.

Dreamcatcher was the first song we knew without a doubt would be on this record. The message behind the song set the tone for everything we recorded from that point on. It definitely echoes the intensity and energy we felt in the studio while working with Feldy and his team. This record is our war cry. It’s a call to the battered, the broken, and the tired, to rise up and set fire to the fear..”Chase Manhattan (Vocals)

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