Cover: “Only” by Patrick Baker

“Only” by Patrick Baker

Talented singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalists Patrick Baker delivers one of the most beautiful covers of one of the best songs I’ve had the pleasure to hear. The track in question is Ry X’s “Only” and he gives it a certain touch that makes it his while still staying in touch with the emotions and feelings of the original. I remember I felt goosebumps hearing the original for the first time and I felt them again listening to Patrick’s marvelous take on it. This two talented artists share a sensibility that is felt in their voices and how they create sounds that caress our souls with tender words of truth, love and the surreal magic of the world. All I can do and all you can do is just sit down and remain quiet as you allow the melodies to unfold in front of you making up a festival for your senses to enjoy. 

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