Music Video Recommendation: “Very Friendly People” by Foresteater

“Very Friendly People” by Foresteater

Amazing track by Foresteater, it is simply electric and soothing at the same time. Plus it has a way of opening our eyes and senses with the subtle veiled critique at the society of today and our thirst to be “liked” and all the “Very friendly people” that surround us. This band takes a step outside of the box and give us something deserving of multiple listens, likes and any positive feedback you can come up. I mean just listen to the balance between the hypnotic vocals and that amazing guitar that knows when to show pure power and electricity and those drums that set everything in motion. I am a sucker for balance, passion and well written lyrics and this track has that and more plus the enticing visuals that go hand in hand with the story of the track makes it an instant hit in my book. Give these guys a follow and enjoy their sweet tunes!

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