Music Video Recommendation: “More or Less” by Frank Hamilton ft. Dodie Clark

More or Less is easily one of the most personal songs on the album and needless to say, I was in a pretty dark place when I wrote it. Curtains closed, microwave meals, living in a dressing down.

The song is about my relationships – with music, girls and myself – and at the time of writing I was convinced it would be the last track on the last album I ever made (which might not be true but let’s hope so).

The song features Dodie on BVs – who came round for dinner and made it sound 10000 x better.

“More or Less” by Frank Hamilton ft. Dodie Clark

Honesty made music and a necessary track to open our eyes to the pain that sometimes dwells in the hearts of those we are too blind to truly see. Frank Hamilton connects with the hearts and souls of the world as he explores the inner works of what mental health and depression encompass. With the assistance of Dodie Clark he traverses this dark path and out he comes with lyrics that relate and speak directly to us. “More or Less” is a beautiful drama that is as the world truly is, no rainbows and butterflies but a painful story of someone about to break down. Are we sometimes to blind or deaf to lift a finger and help someone who needs at least an ear willing to listen? Are we so caught in our own world to not understand that depression is a painful truth that may affect anyone? it does no discriminate and it does not care how filled your wallet is.

Frank speaks to us clearly and we can see everything that his soundscape entails and we must speak up and give our support to the reality of the matter. He is not alone, you are not alone, I am not alone – We are part of world of billions of people, yet sometimes we feel as if no one was around. Don’t aim to cover the sun with your little finger but take a look at the situations that surrounds you and make a difference.

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