Ry X

With a presence that exudes a certain mystery and charisma that is undeniable, Australian singer/songwriter/all around musician Ry X is set on conquering the world. With electronica that dances around the storytelling of folk, the approachability of pop and even the rebellious nature of rock he mesmerizes each and every one of us when he allows his voice to sing. And he truly sings, he possesses a voice that is of an outer realm of existence, an ethereal and surreal gift that captivates us with indescribable ease. Plus this man, this musician, this artist does so with a sense of style that ensures that he not only stands out from the crowded rooms through voice but also through presence. Whether it is in a suit, a shirt, a simple mix of clothing … he becomes the personification of the everlasting union of music and fashion that has always been so and will forever be true.

[su_quote cite=”Ry X”]But it was never intended to become what it became. That’s when art is at it’s most beautiful, when it’s authentic.[/su_quote]

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