Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXVII

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Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXVII

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  • Trevor James Tillery: Vocals that have a way of creeping in and pulling you into an ethereal realm of music, verses and more as you enjoy the sounds and become immortalize by them.
  • Coyote Mustache: Indie rock unites with soulful vocals creating a world that provokes, electrifies and haunts the listeners through mature lyrics that speak to the heart and the soul of the matter.
  • Julian Fulton: Rock, punk and a bit of old school charm that dances around you and out of nowhere you are hooked and you are howling to rhythm and lyrics of Julian as I am right now.
  • DYLN (Schier Remix): Schier takes DYLN’s r&b/pop/soul infused voice and gives it new energy as it maintains the vibe of the original creating a remix that truly drops the tunes, the beats and everything needed in the right place.
  • LILI N: Electro pop served by a songstress who has a capacity to charm, mesmerize and connect with us as the track unfolds right in front of our senses, making it a perfect soundscape. 
  • The Palms: Indie duo creating old school/new school indie rock that charms it’s way into our playlists and becomes an instant favorite based on sheer talent alone.
  • CREO: Let your youthful heart explode into a supernova of emotions through the indie rock creations by this talented Australian band. 
  • Hot Dreams: As always the UK must be present, Hot Dreams raise their hands and give us indie rock that blends a certain magic from the 80’s mixed with the emotions and stories of today.
  • No Small Children: Three school teachers from California ready to melt your faces off with great sounds, magnetic energy and above all a whole of talent. Enjoy!
  • The Rungs: Indie pop/rock from New York that finds a way to be romantic, honest and in your face all at the same time. Enjoy the creations of this talented trio and fall in love with their tunes.

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I am the Man/Wolf hybrid who listens to amazing new music and aims to share it with all who visit as I believe we all deserve a nice little tune to be part of the soundtrack of our daily adventures. So listen and enjoy some amazing gems with me.

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