[su_quote]Tell me the answer to a question that I’m too afraid to ask you, do you feel this too?[/su_quote]

“Auburn Cemetery” by Chloe Jane

With haunting vocals the talented Chloe Jane is able to captivate the listeners in an instant through sheer honesty, power and magnetism. With her latest single she encompasses a field of emotions that evoke love, lost and uncertainty as we walk together hand in hand towards an unknown realm. “Auburn Cemetery” is a bit of grunge, a bit of rock and a bit of pop and whole lot of talent put together in something that connects with the hearts and souls of the young and the old. Through the story that is the inspiration of the song we are taken back to a moment in time where we were the one wanting more … a kiss, a touch, a yes and a sign above all …but doubt is a dreadful beast. The mesmerizing Chloe understood this and turned this feeling into lyrics and those lyrics into a music gem. Enjoy!

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