Wolf in a Music Video Volume II

Artist: Tuarrah

Song: Put down your weapons

Why? There’s something unique and utterly out of this world, out of this plain of existence within this track. The verses and melodies have a way of staying with you, they grab hold of your true humanity and bring them forth. This is a track that can bring out emotions, memories, tears, fears, smiles and some more. Tuarrah have create a beautiful song with “Put down your weapons”.

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Artist: Boneage

Song: Crystal Rainbows

Why? Romanticism, mystery and a big reveal that make the soundscape within this track truly mesmerizing and haunting. There’s no denying that this talented Russian duo is bound to turn heads and to hypnotize non-believers with their beautifully inspired music and the combinations of tunes, melodies, stories, emotions and a voice that can touch the depth of the soul.

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Artist: Nyiko

Song: Drag me down

Why? There’s love, there’s maturity, there’s a sense of honesty and approachability that makes this track one of a kind, a true stand out gem. “Drag me down” has a style that blends a certain charm from the 80’s but makes it modern and simply his. Nyiko shows the world that he is setting his path to ensure they all listen to his flavor of indie pop.

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