Music Video Recommendation: “World Wings” by Yoke Lore

How do we stay constant amidst constant changes; in time, in space, in body? Through all these changes, do we get anywhere? Because sometimes, I feel like I always end up back where I started.Adrian Galvin AKA Yoke Lore

“World Wings” by Yoke Lore

A beautiful invitation to live, to breathe and to take a look outside our walls and see the beauty that the world holds dear. Yoke Lore gazes at the camera while becoming one with the nature that surrounds him in the music video for “World Wings”. And there’s something that stays with you as the song unfolds, if we truly listen we can grasp the masterpiece that lies in his lyricism and the honesty that flows through the airs from his voice. This talented singer/songwriter has touched the bittersweet truth of our reality and invites us to see beyond that. Through painful realizations we can soar high for we are winged creatures that choose to remain grounded and pushed down. He grabs our hands and invites us to fly, letting us know that he is right behind. Let the positive vibes and uplifting spirit of his music pull you up as you enjoy the union of sounds and words of this marvelous track.

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