Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXVI

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  • Leo Law: Mesmerizing melodies that soar through the air waves peacefully landing in the place where your senses meet and unite to enjoy this marvel.
  • Goodwood Atoms: Haunting vocals that unites with a soothing use of the instruments that possesses the right sparks of energy to stay with us.
  • Han ft. Remain: Han unites his magical voice with the 80’s inspired tunes and beats of Remain and together they deliver something beyond words.
  • Benny Cassette: Playful and unique as it unites pop, r&b and Latin american melodies into a track that excels in all it’s parts making it a must listen.
  • The Apollos: Electro pop duo that unites electromagnetic tunes and pop perfect vocals into a soundscape that hypnotizes and connects with the memories and stories inside us.
  • Cathedrals: Brodie Jenkins & Johnny Hwin balance each others talent and together they truly create indie pop gems that rival the mastery of the more experienced artists.
  • Zealyn (Sleeping Lion Remix): One of my favorite duos unite with the haunting, beautiful and utterly hypnotizing voice of Zealyn creating a remix that takes it’s place up high in the top of the charts.
  • Fiona Silver: With a voice that is ethereal, eternal and truly everlasting … Fiona is a goddess who blesses us with indie rock tunes that belong to the ears of the divine.
  • GRMLN: Indie rock with slight dashes of punk, pop and a certain unknown that brings it from the crowded rooms and assures us that there is something special in their music.
  • The Dirty Nil: Canadian indie rock that belches its rebellion straight to your face and without a sense of being sorry they take reign of your senses and you are thankful for it.

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