New Music Alert: “Roads to my Heart” by Andrea Di Giovanni

“Roads to my Heart” by Andrea Di Giovanni

Listen to the latest gem from the talented Italian singer/songwriter Andrea Di Giovanni and fall in love with the lyrics of “Roads to my heart”. This talented up and coming singer/songwriter has a way of connecting with the depths of our hearts and he understands what lies there. This amazing track speaks of the many turns, roads and stops that lead to the unknown that lies in capturing our essence and our hearts and what love can reach. It’s a modern day indie pop gem that allows us to ask questions about the reality of our romantic life, are we right? wrong? or simply lost? In the end the only one that can decipher the answer are ourselves and no one else, but it is no easy task to find the roads to our hearts. So simply hop on and enjoy the ride with the guiding voice of Andrea and his musical creations.

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