New Music Alert: “Unattainable” by Cadence Kid ft. Tilian

“Unattainable” by Cadence Kid ft. Tilian

The talented multi-instrumentalist Cadence Kid unites with the perfect backing vocals of Tilian Pearson of Dance Gavin Dance to create “Unattainable”. Together they invites us into a wonderful soundscape that easily becomes the home for our dreams, hopes and wishes.  He understand the desperation, the thrill and the sometimes bittersweet search for that once in a lifetime experience, for that one person/goal that is exactly what we want but so impossible to reach. As we go forward to reach this, we desperately try to hold on to ourselves but sadly we know we loose bits and pieces of who we are as we continue on the quest to reach that dream. As they mention, this is a one way ticket to reach that perfect dream … lovers, friends and more leave along the way but we continue on to reach that one “Unattainable” thing that is perfect for us. 

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