New Music Alert: “Second Souls” by Nelly’s Crush

“Second Souls” by Nelly’s Crush

Norwegian indie pop ensemble Nelly’s Crush delivers a mesmerizing 80’s inspired track that seems to be filled with youthful exuberance, modern day experiences and a whole lot of sass. “Second Souls” excels through the balance of vocals and the sweet moments of harmonization between background male vocals and the female lead singing as they deliver a vision of haunting melodies and captivating verses. They bring back a certain playfulness to music that seemed lost and continue to show the world that the Scandinavian countries have a particular bond with pop melodies. There’s no denying that this song is the best way to lead the listeners into exploring the magic of their debut album ‘Rumours’. So enjoy the ride of “Second Souls” as you end the trip in the beauty of their debut Album.

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