Featured Music Video: “Taste It” by The Indigo Project

Taste It is a song about wanting someone desperately, despite the fact that you know it’s a bad idea,” says frontman Joe Spink of the new song. “That person could be almost within arm’s length, but also just out of reach – so close you can almost taste it.

“Taste It” by The Indigo Project

Indie rock from the UK that knows how to capture the essence of the modern day experience of the youth and the playful escapism of music. Through honest verses The Indigo Project captivates and pulls us into their world and we fall for the melodies of “Taste It”. There’s no going around it, you just fall victim to the talent of this band and you know that you are listening to something special here. You are listening to life, to an experience of a crush as we all have had it, whoever says they haven’t are simply lying. We are victims of our own fears, thrills, wants and even though the abyss lies in that person’s eyes we desperately want to move forward into them, into that pit of darkness of bad ideas and future regret. So make a decision walk or stay but whatever you do make sure to enjoy the masterful music of The Indigo Project

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