Review: Braves by Braves


With a unique and mesmerizing personification of the image they wish to portray to the world comes the talented and mysterious supernova of talent that is Braves. Created by three individuals who have set forth a path to conquer the world of music with unique and inviting soundscapes. They have created a full album that is simply lighting in a bottle opened for the world to fall in love with. There’s no wrong turn when you are listening to it, honestly each and every track has been created with such a meticulous ear that it is just astounding to hear the final product.

Each and every track has a capacity to stand on its own atop a mountain ready to be a hit across the globe. This album makes it extremely difficult for one more mortal to pick a few and call them the best when they are all magical and amazing. But if I must pick, I would choose “A Toast” (it hits right in the soul and the emotions within us), “Catch Me” (it is a lyrical treat and the music video is truly inspiring) and lastly “Joan of Arc” (there’s something beyond the grasp of reality in it). In reality as I have mentioned, there’s no wrong answer with picking a favorite. This talented ensemble of mysterious beings, for humans seems to small to describe them, show us what they can create with sounds and words. It is a proper feast for the senses to dance around and enjoy, each soundscape is inviting and thrilling. It is a 10 because it goes beyond the limits and pushes boundaries to create something new and haunting that will stay with the listener.


BRÅVES is more than a name. It’s an ideology evocative of timeless warriors fighting to leave a mark on history, while rebelling against its confines. A trail of blood is left in its wake.

BRÅVES is up to you to decode


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