Music Video Recommendation: “Proud” by Heirsound

Sitting at the front of the Layers collection, ‘Proud’ is not representative of the majority of the story that follows in Layers but a short moment in time that we coped with through writing it. Essentially it is the forward of this story, sitting by itself right before Chapter 1.Alexa San Román of Heirsound

“Proud” by Heirsound

A playful blend of indie pop and light hip hop unite into a music video filled with sass starring Alexa San Román & Dane Petersen as the main and only protagonists of this gem. Through vintage camera work, harmonizing vocals and inviting mannerism Heirsound has created another must listen gem with the fruitful creation of “Proud”. Plus the lyrics are filled with an unbashful  sense of honesty that speaks to us of the demons and nonsense that pride can bring forth. Fall prey to melodies and verses created by the songwriting mastery of Alexa and Dane and allow yourself to be one with it because let’s be honest we have all experience at least a hint of what the song entails. So take your pride and throw it away and simply enjoy the music of this talented pair.

Died, finally crossed the line

Expects us to fill with pride

We’re so proud

If being wrong is right

No shadow of a doubt

We’re so proud


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