Listen: “Through your fingers” by Pace

“Through your fingers” by Pace

A certain mix between old school melodies and the never ending fear of expressing what your heart wants to scream out loud but you never allow it. It is an invitation to let go of your personal set rules and go out there and get the girl or the boy and simply tell them how you feel. Don’t let the possibility of a one of a kind experience slip right through your fingers into the pile of could have’s that we all have hidden away in a vault. Pace have connected with that emotion of fear, excitement and what things can be and made them music through the charming magic of “Through your fingers”.

So take a lesson from this soundscape and make this upcoming summer one for the books. Dive into the unknown of the possibilities of love and smile because you are one of the few brave ones. Enjoy!

Through Your Fingers is a Motown inspired melody ready for the summer. It’s a song about meeting someone you really like, but not having the courage to ask them out. Or when you meet a person who turns your world upside down, but you decide to act cool and risk losing them. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. The song is a kind of mantra – you’ve got to act quickly on things before they slip away. Don’t be scared to tell someone how you feel, otherwise you could lose them forever.Pace

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