Indie Music Mixtape 14

Indie Music Mixtape 14

Artist: Von Grey

Song: Poison in the Water

Why? Angels with the the beauty of goddesses united with the voices of sirens capable of leading us astray into crashing in the rocks but thankfully they embrace us in their melodies and captivate us through music and lyrics that evoke a sense of honesty, sentiments and approachability that makes this talented trio from Atlanta a must watch/must listen act in the world.

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Artist: The Last 24

Song: Bad Habits

Why? Old school pop/punk melodies that are made perfect through modern touches, a unity among the instruments and the mesmerizing voice of Martihine Simonsen leading the band into greatness. Together this Norwegian band have set the right steps in motion into reaching the audiences through their music and their electric energy.

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Artist: Dead!

Song: Enough

Why? Modern punk/rock that stays true to the nature of punk while also innovating and evolving into a place where only Dead! can dwell for they are made of something else, something different that blends talent, music and pure rebellion in the best way possible. This band is still young but the world is open for them to claim the throne in this ever growing music scene.

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Artist: Lilac Lungs

Song: Uh Oh

Why? With a perfect balance between the band playing and having fun while doing so and a story that lies in the music video that entails the honest bittersweet nature of the lyrics through moments of them simply being them. Lilac Lungs has become a must listen band on my book and highly recommendable for all the indie rockers out there, let yourself fall for the charm of this talented band.

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Artist: Phenomenal Creature

Song: Vultures

Why? Indie folk unites served with a dash of rock, pop and even some slight sprinkles that feel part of electronica. This talented ensemble from Helsinki, Finland are prime examples of the beauty of storytelling that is part of the folk genre and they excel at it with such grace and a synchronicity between them that is out of this world.

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Artist: Bright Sparks

Song: Supernatural

Why? Two powerhouses that might seem new to you but in reality they are responsible for some sweet tracks that evoke their unique songwriting and the way they arrange melodies, tunes and beats in a refreshing, playful and inviting manner. This track stays true to its name as it transports us to another realm of electropop tunes and supernatural emotions that belong to Bright Sparks and us.

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Artist: Visen

Song: Never

Why? Haunting melody that remains with you as you dive deep into the world that dwells in each word as the they unite and make up verses and together they all make beautiful bittersweet lyrics that speak of the saddening truth of heartbreak, lies and loving more while the other person loves the less. Visen is a name to remember and hold dear for they connect with heart and soul of our human condition.

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Artist: Rookie ft. Adam Dobkin

Song: High School

Why? A sweet nostalgic reminder of the past as we roamed the halls of our high schools with much to learn and thinking we knew it all. Whether jock, reckless, cool or anything in the world we all reminisce about our immaturity and the hopes and promises of an unknown future and with the world in the palm of our hands feeling invincible and ready to make it ours.

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Artist: Taller Tales

Song: Lay down and Die

Why? Cool as hell with a hypnotizing guitar and a beat that does not falter and sets the mood for a day to be mesmerizing plus the accompanying voice is a thing of perfection. This Baltimore based band delivers honest verses that capture something out of this cruel and ever changing world and make it theirs through enticing indie rock melodies.

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