The talented Cory Quintard aka Volunteer set’s forward with his latest EP and he is definitely setting the right foot forward onto what 2017 has to give. With ‘The World is Our‘ he captures the many faces and stages of what love can be and we are easily pulled in the soundscape of each track. As representatives of the human experience we can clearly see a reflection of ourselves in each track, from our hopes, our smiles and our tears as he speaks to us as a brother in arms in this mess that is love. Cory has a firm grasp of what that feared yet wanted emotion can entail and he makes sure that we can connect with the stories that lie underneath each track.

From the moving on, to waiting for that special someone, to a painful goodbye, to pushing each other lovingly to move forward and to simply holding each other as the final decision is set in motion to take a next step into something new together. Volunteer does not aim to feed our dark side as he sings of verses that feed our hopes, wants and desires that revolve around the magic of love. I can’t say anything wrong about this artist but I can simply beg for another EP or maybe just maybe a full on album that captures the magic of his songwriting and his connection with the world in all its mesmerizing charm. 

About Each track (By Volunteer himself)

“The World Is Ours” was written as the decision to make a move. Not just a geographical move, but an ideological move. A move from what is comfortable to what is scary. A move towards more uncertainty and towards less comfort. In the EP, it’s in the context of moving towards another human soul.

“Last Words First” is about the final moments of the disintegrating relationship. The minute that feels like an eternity where you know the words to say, but they can’t quite seem to make it off the tip of your tongue. One person doesn’t see why it has to end, and the other sees no other choice. Not because of a lack of love, but because the one knows it doesn’t encapsulate what life has for you in the moment.

“Waiting On You” centers around recognizing the mistake in letting go of the best thing you had going for you. It’s an disproportionate level of commitment, because of it’s desperation. There’s nothing that fully displays commitment in a relationship where trust has been broken outside of the words “Be my Bride”. It’s a pitiful plea, but without it, the relationship doesn’t rekindle.

“See You Fly” is an admonition for breaking out of your shell. It’s about a partner begging it’s subject to awaken herself to the potential that lives inside. There’s no hope of success without jumping off a cliff and seeing if those wings have the strength to keep you airborne, and thus, from landing on the rocks at the bottom of the valley. It could be about anybody, but in the narrative of the EP, it comes from the loving partner who wants the best for his muse.

“In The Unknown” comes after the realization that the partner has found courage, and is a call to action. “We’re running out of time, and we’re not getting any younger. Let’s do this.” Life is short, huh? Everybody’s telling us what we should do, or what we shouldn’t do. Let’s go find out for ourselves.



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