Must Listen: Hugh


Led by Izzy and Joshua in the vocals and complimented and made perfect by Andy in the production and Keys and Tino in the guitars – Hugh mesmerizes the world. This talented quartet has managed to blend each of their stories, emotions and inspirations into creating a sound unlike anything out there. They capture the essence of the 80’s, input the energy of electronica and allow pop to make it perfect through the verses and melodies as they engulf us in their fire. Plus the balance and harmonies between the two singers are a thing of beauty and then the electricity of the instruments takes it one step further into a realm of the unknown. From there they excel and come out for the world to fall in love with. All their tracks have a way of connecting with the people that listen and the stories become theirs and they feel the emotions that come from them.

Hugh is ready and the world as well, let us unite in a tender embrace as we fall deep into their soundscape. Enjoy!

I remember there was green light flooding in from the surface, my lungs hurt and the excitement was so heavy it almost felt like I couldn’t breathe. Though I knew I probably should have jumped out, I stayed down beneath the waves, facing this person who had this hypnotic hold over me – it was crazy.Izzy Brooks

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