Featured Music Video: “Dreamland” by Emilia Ali ft. Dwilly

“Dreamland” by Emilia Ali ft. Dwilly

Dwilly and Emilia Ali unite their talents and together they create a sensual and mesmerizing soundscape that is made utterly perfect through the inviting and provocative visuals of the music video. “Dreamland” surely does its name justice for only by hearing the first verse I could feel something burning up inside as I was transported to a world that could only exist in my dreams. I don’t know what it was but a desire grew inside of me. I feel that’s something that was intended with the song as the lyrics are honest, sexy and evoke a certain lust that is beyond the grasp of imagination inviting to a certain NSFW surrealism. The sounds and beats of Dwilly unite masterfully with Emilia Ali’s voice as she delivers a certain type of magic that only she can provide. There’s no going wrong, we have fallen for the beauty of both singer and song. Enjoy!

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