Music Video Recommendation: “The way we were” by Stateside

Eventually you’ll understand why storms that tear the world apart,

Their names are after those who stole your heart

I was looking for something to sink my teeth into

I never win

“The way we were” by Stateside

Australian band Stateside are perfectly lead by the powerful and uber talented Erin Reus as she gives meaning and emotions to each verse of the mastery that is “The way we were”. With this track they bring back a certain something I am big fan of, that amazing punk/rock sound that brings feelings, truth and just the right amount of that sweet in your face type of charm that is simply electrifying. Plus I am a sucker for music videos that allow the raw energy of the music to be shown through the camera work, the band and in this case some well used water. A definite must listen for any fan of music that will fill you up with energy and a sense of strength you never knew before. Enjoy!

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