Listen: “Tides” by Finlay

“Tides” by Finlay

Finlay partners up with her partner in crime, her lead producer and above all her husband: Chris and together they have set forth something dreamy, catchy and beautifully sweet for our senses to fall in love with. “Tides” takes shape and form and allows our imagination to flourish and create a vibrant soundscape that evokes a sense of summer, life and mesmerizing ocean tides as the most magical sunset is seen in the distance. There’s something special here as the melody has a way of simply holding you softly and pulling you into the verses and the synth based world that dwells in it with such grace. Her sophomore single delivers and ensures us that there’s more to this amazing artist and the future is surely bright in her career. Enjoy!

TIDES began in our small apartment studio (I like to call it “Washer/Dryer Studios”…because that’s literally where our washer & dryer’s supposed to go.) My husband and lead producer, Chris, created the backline beat, and shortly after falling in love with the hook, I locked myself in my closet behind all my clothes and didn’t come out until I finished the lyrics. I’ve dreamt of island waters and vibrant coastlines my whole life, and TIDES serves as a sort of fresh and anthemic summer pop beat, giving the overall message that the most important relationships in life are the ones worth fighting for.

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