Listen: “XX” by Morgxn

“XX” by Morgxn

With “XX” (Kiss Kiss) the talented Morgxn captures us from the very first second as the whole song is one massive beautiful hook. There’s no denying that the sky is not even close to the limit for this talented artist as he continues to grow and mature with every single track he shares with the world. In “XX” The beautiful vocals flow like silk through the melodies and then the lyrics take shape and we are hypnotized by the sweet tempo as everything unites into something that can only be labeled as a masterpiece. Morgxn you’ve done it again, you’ve caught that elusive “je ne sais quois” and made it yours and allowed your verses, melodies and emotions to be one with it. We thank you for creating a track that is playful, inviting and simply amazing in every sense of the word.

Kiss kiss

Don’t know how to be hopeless

Hoping to the end

Kiss kiss

Catch me by surprise

I can’t fake it


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