Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXIV

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  • Katherine Eisenberg: Beautiful and honest indie folk/pop that embraces the youthful nature of love while still connecting with everyone who hears it.
  • Emily Vaughn: Refreshing, honest and an amazing in your face track that could easily turn into an anthem for all who are tired of being judged by everyone.
  • Zealyn (Jon Santana Remix): American Idol alumni Zealyn unites with Nashville based producer Jon Santana and together they mesmerizing with the amazing remix of “Sleep on it”.
  • Caswell: Haunting and ethereal soundscape that embrace a sublime nature that dwells in the verses and the voice of Caswell as the melodies become one with us.
  • Marathon: Dreampop that captivates us with beautiful vocals, verses that evoke a truth that lies hidden and melodies that flow with ease through the airwaves. 
  • Novel Nature: Indie rock masterpiece that is relatable and powerful while maintaining something beyond the grasp of our human limitations. 
  • Sheafs: Punk/Rock at its greatest moment as it embraces the voice of the youth of the world and speaks of the issues of the world in an electric manner.
  • Sawyer: Beautiful and enchanting harmonies delivered in a mesmerizing fashion by the talented duo of Sawyer. Listen, enjoy and touch the magic of the verses.
  • The Arcadian Wild: Folk storytelling masterpiece that speaks directly to the heart with romantic verses and creating images that stay within us forever.
  • Mike Stocksdale: Old school sing-songwriter who delivers melodies and lyrics that are full of honesty and stories that are easy to imagine and to breath in connecting with something deep. 

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