Featured Music Video: “Levitate Me” by Saveus

“Levitate Me” by Saveus

Take a look at the nooks and crannies that go behind a show of Saveus and feel the electricity as it takes shape and form in front of you in this amazing and real music video that embraces both the magic of the lyrics of “Levitate Me” and the passion of this Danish superstar in the making as he guides us through a glimpse of his world. With such ease we are caught in the web of all the mesmerizing visuals getting a unique insight into a world that dwells in our fantasies, but by his guiding hand we are pulled and we can dance passionately on that stage along with him as he fills a crowd of lucky concert-goers with his own unique spark of life and music. Enjoy!

We’re gonna dance all night, don’t wanna know

We’re gonna sing it off, and let it go

We’re gonna point the gun at the scene

Even though we’re losing time, we say: “Who’s to blame?”

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