Listen: “One little pill” by Brick + Mortar

“One little pill” by Brick + Mortar

One Little Pill reflects on how America deals with depression and our nations insatiable desire to always be happy.Brandon Asraf (guitar/bass/vocals)

one little pill-brick + mortar-indie music-indie rock-new music-music blog-indie blog-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitThe talented duo of Brick + Mortar have found in “One Little Pill” a way to express themselves and to speak to us about the reality of our nation as we always seem to want to cover the problems with pills, acting blind and blaming someone or something else. They embrace the soundscape and instead of sugarcoating the situation, they embrace it in all its bittersweet truth and give it to us straight. One little pill, one little dose of music to open our eyes and speak to us and to invite us to accept the flaws and the fact that nothing is ever just rainbows and butterflies – there are grey days, tears that fall and the inability to always get what we want, but that’s life and it’s part of the ride. We might always want quick solutions, but the true beauty is seen when we allow the bigger picture with scars and all to show itself. Enjoy!

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