Music Video Recommendation: “The Fall” by Half Alive

“The Fall” by Half Alive

oh, i’m just trying to introduce you to this idea that i’ve grown used to

It’s like sharing a dream with someone, once you say it out loud it can’t be undone.

A new and up and coming indie duo that create unique and honest melodies that are the perfect home of verses that speak of the fear of love and letting go of our personal inhibitions and really falling into the unknown. Half Alive have a massive hit in their hands with the beauty of “The Fall” and the reason is simple: It’s inviting and real. Through speaking of what really goes beyond the action of falling in love they let us know that it is ok to be in fear because love is an unknown, you never know if it’s truly the one you are falling for and opening yourself up but the fact that it is done even if it’s not trusted shows a valor that showcases the magic of humanity and what we are capable of doing. We are not always rational and our fear or flight reactions might be a bit off at times but the fall is one of the scariest experience but also one of the best. So if you are on the edge looking down into a someone’s face, you might not trust it but just let go and fall into those arms that are awaiting.  

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