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Music Video Recommendation: “Live by design” by Ivy Nations

“Live by design” by Ivy Nations

“Live By Design” deals with the pace of modern life, where we live out our fantasies while existing on the outer edges. The song reflects frustration, an inability to change the inner discourses that hold us back, and a desire to remove oneself from the race.

Are you following a set path? Are you a machine who only follows the inner desires of society? or are you outside of the rules and have set yourself on a motion to create a commotion through creativity, passion and that spark that makes dreams reality? Dublin based Ivy Nations beg these questions through their latest single “Live by Design”, so honestly what would you answer? I for one want to be a rule breaker, a dream maker and a passionate individual who pushes forward and who likes to color outside the dotted lines. So grab my furry paws and lets move out of the set path and live life by our own designs and while we do that let’s enjoy the indie gem that is “Live by design” by Ivy Nations.

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