Listen: “Did I offend you?” by Lauren Ruth Ward

“Did I offend you?” by Lauren Ruth Ward

“‘Did I Offend You?’ is a song about self reflection after an intense conversation. It can be taken from the perspective of a conversation with someone else or a conversation with oneself, I like giving that option to the listener. The song follows the trail of emotions ranging from regret to panic. This is also the first song that Eddie and I wrote together, so it has meaning to me on various levels.

With an artistic growth that is astounding, Songstress Lauren Ruth Ward encompasses everything you could want in music from an artist as with every single she releases we get another gem that captivates us fully. “Did I offend you?” is honest, charming and above all comes from a reality that is relatable, endearing and bittersweet as it unfolds in a soundscape that is a perfect balance between old school storytelling and her modern rebellious spirit. Lauren does not take no for an answer and she shows us and the world why she is considered a badass, an indie queen and above all a force to be reckoned with. So simply listen to her voice for we are spectators of her grandiose ever evolving show and honestly I could not ask for a better voice.



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