Listen: “Stoned on You” by Jaymes Young

“Stoned on You” by Jaymes Young

With a sensuous and haunting arrangement Jaymes Young dives into an imaginative and illustrious soundscape in which we find ourselves becoming him and indulging in the sweetest of all the pleasures. As the fingertips slowly go through each curvature of the body of that one perfect lover we understand that there’s no high better than this. Love and the sweet tremble of that one body being caress by the tip of your fingers is enough to know that there’s something special and captivating living in the verses of “Stoned on You”. While it embraces a modern sense of romanticism that is uniquely arousing, mesmerizing and honest in all its capacity we can clearly see that we are listening to an artist who’s music will transcend the limits of time ensuring a special spot for this song amongst those that without a doubt not only speak to heart and soul but certainly gets the body involved. So tell me, have you gotten stoned on somebody special lately?

Girl, I get stoned on you

Rubbing my bones on you

Nothing else burns like you

Ripping my shirt off you

Chorus of 'Stoned on You'

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