Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXIII

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  • Laikipia Ft. Thurz: The talented pair of musicians that make up Laikipia team up Thurz and together they create another must listen soundscape for the world to enjoy.
  • Atomic Tom: Indie pop that blends old school vibes and modern day emotions and stories into one inviting track that keeps ensuring that Atomic Tom know what’s up with music.
  • Joy Downer: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, vintage vibes and modern expressionism bundled up creating a magical ride through verses and tunes capturing us completely. 
  • CVBZ: Sometimes an illusion can be so strong that it feels just like the real thing but without the reciprocity, the smiles and that sense of that empty place in us being filled by something special.
  • Pat Kiloran: Pat Kiloran delivers some serious The 1975 vibes with his own pop melodies and lyrics inspired on his personal road through life that has a way of embracing us.
  • Betty Moon: A track that is made up of pure electricity and that shows that lighting has been caught in a bottle and turned into melody that house words and sentences that speak to the heart and to the body inviting us to dance.
  • Spencer Anthony: Through melodramatic and honest verses and melodies Spencer opens up a world that speaks of happy pills and misguided thoughts that lead us through life.
  • Fort Defiance: Old school and honest indie folk/american that is able to paint a picture of a story beautifully from the first second we get to hear the harmonious unity of voices.
  • Streetlight Social: All the way from Canada, this talented band make their US debut with beautiful bittersweet lyrics that have a way of speaking to something deep within us.
  • Thrillers: Up beat, sensual and mesmerizing soundscape that this talented have created for the world, for us and for themselves as anthem to nightlife, love and the mystery of the heat.

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