New Music Alert: “MoneyBlind” by Northern National

“MoneyBlind” by Northern National

Money talks and I’m taking names

But I wasn’t alone until she walked away

And I want her back

Yeah, I want her back

Raising the hand high and letting the world know that Texas knows how to do indie rock, here come Northern National and their latest single “MoneyBlind”. Take a listen at this marvel of a soundscape created by this band from Dallas and take a glimpse at a world were money can blind us and lead us down a path were we feel we have all we want but in reality we get nothing of what we need. Through verses that show the path of only money taken we understand that we will end up lost and alone if we forget the people that surround us, the lessons taught and that loved ones are worth more than any material thing in the world. Bravo Northern National for I honestly believe that you speak the truth and I thank you for it, because it’s not all glitter and gold but patience, love, passion and above all a lot of hard work.

To us, “MoneyBlind” is a reminder that however much success we achieve – to not sacrifice the people, morals, and loved ones that matter most in your life. The road might be slower, but it’ll be worth it in the end,

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