Featured Music Video: “Light Outside” by Absofacto

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Featured Music Video: "Light Outside" by Absofacto

Absofacto, Photography by Catie Laffoon

“Light Outside” by Absofacto

Talented all around musician Absofacto has already taken the number one spot on the Top 5 New Indie Pop week 10 and now he is the featured homepage music video, and you’ll agree it is deserved. After hearing the magic and the “Je ne sais quoi” of his enticing and mesmerizing soundscape he now adds unique and cool cinematography and modern dance into the mix and has created something beyond a must listen track, it is a track you have to listen if music is your poison for it has all the ingredients to be a member of a select group of future classics. “Light Outside” is perfection because of the sheer quality of the sounds and verses and the way Absofacto and director Mitchell deQuilettes have taken the hypnotizing moves of Aye Hasegawa, Teresa Barcelo (+choreography), Elizabeth Brissenden, Charlie Scovill,Whither Thomas and Anthony Scarano and made them unexpected members that fit so perfectly into what the track envisions. 

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