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Music Video Recommendation: “Fonda” by Sheikh

“Fonda” by Sheikh

There’s something about “Fonda” and the way the melodies showcase a certain refreshing touch while also making us feel at home as if the soundscape had been there all along, it is a bit bizarre but truly mesmerizing experience. The London based Sheikh grew up in Bahrain together and when you listen to their music you can feel that special bond, that friendship, that brotherhood that allows them to collaborate so beautifully with each other ensuring us the listeners a true indie gem. This is the first track I get to hear from this talented 5 piece and I am already sure it won’t be the last, because there’s something unknown here and that unknown is what makes the great bands GREAT. Enjoy!

Beneath its hard hitting exterior and thumping pace, ‘Fonda’ remains a song about escaping harsh realities and unavoidable truths, sometimes blissfully and other times more destructively. It subtly peels back layers of bravado to shed capture the feeling of solitude, one can find only in their own mind. It casts light on the feeling of being surrounded by many and yet somehow all the while still feeling comfortably alone.Mazen Almaskati (Lead Singer)

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