Music Video Recommendation: “Beautiful Day” by Nuriel

“Beautiful Day” by Nuriel

Nuriel is: David Attias, Yonatan Attias, Michael Attias, Benny Firszt and Tzvi Solomons

Folk rock that is set in a moment, in a day, in a short glimpse of the beauty that life has to offer to our mundane existence. Nuriel invites us to take part of that moment, of that “Beautiful Day” that showcases that perfection can become real every once in a while for it decides to come out of the world of fiction and brighten our lives and put love in our hearts and smiles in our faces. This talented band from Israel know exactly how to grasp that melodious imagery and make it part of their soundscape and as it unfolds it becomes real for us and our senses rejoice. Enjoy the must listen uplifting melody of this amazing track and make sure to follow this talented band in Social Media.

We wander the land

Both near and far

We glow in the night

With a million stars

Come follow the light

To where we are

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