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The Kooks and “Be who you are”

the kooks-be who you are-indie music-uk-indie rock-new music-music video-indie blog-music blog-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitThe Kooks are back at it again with an amazing new album that showcases the very best of their massive selection of music including some brand new tracks like “Be who you are”. There’s no going wrong with Luke Pritchard,  Hugh Harris , Alexis Nunez, and Peter Denton as they once again show the world why they have been part of the unrelenting world that is music for more than a decade already. With this track we are taken through a trip down memory lane as we see glimpses of the beginning of the band and their first gigs as the world started falling for Pritchard’s songwriting and the soundscapes the band created. The track feels old school The Kooks but there’s something unique about it that makes it work so perfectly with their veteran fans and with new ones, there’s that special unknown that is part of the band – that unknown that delivers them from the rest and assures them a podium that stands tall in the world of music. Plus they always manage to create music that is playful while also delivering insightful honest verses that lift our spirits and assure us that the true revelation of the year has a name already and you know it as well …it’s not Harry Styles and his step away from One Direction … it’s The Kooks ladies and gentleman.

[su_quote]‘Be Who You Are’ sounds very much like old school Kooks. It’s written in that vein – it’s an upbeat down rock ‘n’ roll tune, and it’s got a guitar solo. It’s a fun tune. Lyrically, it’s all me looking in the mirror. The song writing put me back in that time, so I was trying to write a song that I would have written then. It was quite a creative process for me. I was like, ‘What would I have written then, and what kind of style should it be?’ The lyrics are all self-reflective and about me at that time. I thought it would be good to go with all the other songs, so it’s a nice reflective moment.[/su_quote]

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