Listen: “Black and Blue” by Night Talks

“Black and Blue” by Night Talks

black and blue-night talks-indie music-indie rock-new music-los angeles-california-muisc blog-indie blog-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitAs always Los Angeles based Night Talks have a way of connecting with the world that surrounds them and to the characters that give it a reason for being. They embrace honest emotions of loss, pain, and heartache and they put it into verses and melodies that we have all felt but were too scare to share.  “Black and Blue” reminds us that we have all had that in our lives, a bruise that just pains us beyond the physical right into our hearts. While that pain eventually fades away, we are left with a lesson and a step forward in our growth. Soraya turned it into music and shared it with the world, and with her valiant showcase many can feel at ease for somebody is speaking of what we all are too afraid to say. 

“‘Black and Blue’ is a song about the pain of a breakup that shouldn’t have happened. I used the motif of a bruise to describe the overall feeling of the emotional pain of relationships. Specifically, it’s about feeling like you’re the one taking the brunt of the hurt and pain in the breakup, while you see your former partner going on and living their life as if nothing happened. However, you’d rather feel sad than feel nothing– at least the emotion reminds you of what you once had.Soraya Sebghati (Lead Singer)

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