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Music Video Recommendation: “I can sleep alone tonight” by The Wilde

“I can sleep alone tonight” by The Wilde

The Wilde and his latest album have just become the gift that keeps on giving, each time there’s a new road to travel through the melodies that make up ‘Coverups’. This time we fall into mesmerizing melodrama that is “I can sleep alone tonight” and connect with the beauty that blends the tunes of Manchester Orchestra and The Postal Service into one masterpiece. There’s no denying that there is a blend of honest heartache, growth and an unwilling chance to move on in this track – that’s what makes it so easy to connect with, because it is so human in the way it takes form in front of us. Our senses can’t help but give away a shy smile for they understand the story that lies underneath the union of notes, emotions and lyrics. Enjoy another gem by The Wilde and make sure to add his music to your playlists right about now.

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