Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXII

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Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXII

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  • Ponce: Nostalgic indie pop that dwells in a world of 80’s vibes and modern inhibitions that perfectly capture our senses with a sense of amazement and wonder.
  • Jolene: Mesmerizing and seductive indie rock that captures the essence of the modern experience while maintaining a charm that invites anyone and everyone.
  • Dua Lipa (Off Bloom Remix): The talented Danish trio Off Bloom show us that not only are they creative monsters in regards of their own music but they can create some truly sick remixes.
  • Karma Club: Playful and honest indie pop that pulls us into a soundscape of a masterful union of enticing vocals and relaxing tunes that take us on a trip through time.
  • Hot Collars: Indie rock that is a little bit city and a little bit country in its soundscape that rebels from the norm and that is perfectly refreshing.
  • Leivi and the Cat: There’s something beyond the grasp of the normal and it is simply hypnotizing and invigorating in the truth that dwells in its melody and verses. 
  • Halo Circus: The past, the present and the future unite in the beautiful vocals of Allison Iraheta as she leads the band into a realm of their own creation.
  • Duncan Lloyd: Maximo Park’s guitarist showcases that he is not only part of my favorite bands but also a gifted songwriter who captures our ears through melodies that are filled with stories we can connect with.
  • Blende ft. Mattie Safer: Playful and electric electronica that captures the magic of its soundscape perfectly with vocals that are truly hypnotizing and melodies that are bound to captivate you always.
  • Joseph of Mercury: With a name that implies something otherworldly, Joseph of Mercury does not disappoint with melodies and verses that take us to a higher form of existence.

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I am the Man/Wolf hybrid who listens to amazing new music and aims to share it with all who visit as I believe we all deserve a nice little tune to be part of the soundtrack of our daily adventures. So listen and enjoy some amazing gems with me.

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