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Featured Music Video: “Fall to my knees” by Kid Astray

“Fall to my knees” by Kid Astray

One of the coolest live style music videos I have seen this year, the blend of live movement and animation while adding a few moments of slow motion to open and close the doors to this soundscape is just amazing. Plus the visuals are the perfect company for a melody that is so infectious, inviting and utterly mesmerizing that we just can’t hold it on and we must free fall into it for that’s the only path available for our senses. Even though Norwegian band Kid Astray have been around for a few years now, it seems that this is the year the world will lay eyes on the must listen gems that they bring to the indie scene. Enjoy the music and welcome to their world, you are in for a an amazing ride.

We played this totally packed gig at Samfundet in Trondheim earlier this spring, and had some friends of us film the whole thing. Right before the gig we got this idea that we wanted to make a music video out of it, showcasing the artwork for the single with animations and stuff. And also because we knew it would be a really cool gig on film. The really talented guys at Nattrop did an awesome job capturing the gig, and Ask Sunde magically put it all together, before Håkon drew stop motion animations on it in the style of the single cover. So everyone should totally hire them.

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