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New Music Alert: “New Religion” by Migrant Motel

“New Religion” by Migrant Motel

Talented indie rock band Migrant Motel unites three countries (Peru, UK and Mexico) under their own musical flag that brings infectious and powerful must listen gems. Their latest is “New Religion” and it truly is something amazing and beyond words, I mean just listen to the power, the utter magnetism and the swagger in the verses as they take shape in front of us for a feast for our senses. The three members (David, Edward and Chava) bring their own influences to the table and they make a unique style of in your face indie rock that dwells in its own world where the old, the new and the future collide and the result is their mesmerizing sound. With a use of religious themes, they embrace the magic that lies in them and as David invites an unknown pedestrian to walk into the church of Migrant Motel, they softly caress the edges of sexuality and hypnotizing pseudo-love ensuring a soundscape that is simply addictive to the listeners from the very first note they hit. So let go of anything of anything you are holding on to for you even though you don’t know, you have already fallen to their world. Enjoy!

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